The seducer seduced

Zan Perrion is internationally recognized as one of the most original and insightful voices on relationships and seduction in the world today. A regular media commentator, he has been widely featured in the international press.

Zan is the founder of the Ars Amorata philosophy—a celebration of the art of seduction, the rebirth of romance, and a lifelong quest for beauty and adventure. He is also a co-founder of the Amorati network of men.

Zan is the author of the acclaimed book, The Alabaster Girl, described by the media as “an astonishingly insightful portrait of the type of men who love women and the women who universally love them in return.”

Zan divides his time between Canada and Romania and can be found at and

I am immensely curious, charmed and fascinated, on an adventure, itinerant, having enormous fun in life, never needy, never attached to the outcome, never serious, but always sincere. I am a lover of beauty, in all its forms… art, in all its forms. I am a lover of life and its immense potential. I am a lover of women, and if your heart is sincere, you will understand exactly what that means. I am the seducer seduced. And if you could see even one tenth of the beauty I see in a woman, you too would be seduced, you too would believe, you too would live your life surrounded by boundless beauty and grace.

The Alabaster Girl

I could tell you the truth about me... but to seduce you, I will tell you the truth about you

"The Alabaster Girl is highly poetic, sharp, and engaging. It’s easy to fall into the rabbit hole of the narrator’s musings, part poem and part half-remembered dreams. The book is an ode to a deep appreciation of women and to the dance of the masculine and feminine as old as time."
San Francisco Book Review
“…a richly compelling, beautifully poetic journey into the heart of relationships… an astonishingly insightful guide to the paradoxes of love. This opus is best relished in small sips, allowing time for its many a-ha moments to weave themselves into your own tapestry of self-discovery. Highly recommended!”
Steve Pavlina


The philosophy. The brand. The venture. The brotherhood.

ARS AMORATA is a celebration of the art of seduction, the rebirth of romance, and a lifelong quest for beauty and adventure.

ARS AMORATA is a philosophy of beauty. It is a way of life. It is not a religion. It is a belief system, similar to the way one might call Stoicism a belief system or a way of life. It is a layer that exists (or not) below all religion and all social structures. And it belongs to all of you.

Philosophers throughout the ages have argued whether beauty is objective or subjective, but in my view, beauty is neither. It is neither inherent as a property of the object (the objective view) nor is it in the eye of the beholder (the subjective view). Beauty is a third thing altogether.

Beauty is prime. It stands alone. It is a thing apart, in Kant’s words: a Thing-In-Itself (Ding an sich). Beauty emanates from what Aristotle called the Unmoved Mover, what Plotinus called The One, what scientists call the Big Bang, and what John in the New Testament called the Word or Logos.

Ars Amorata is an attempt to lift Beauty to its rightful place as the primary guiding principle in our hearts and in the world.

THE AMORATI is a brotherhood of men from all over the world who live their lives in alignment with the principles of the the Ars Amorata philosophy.

The Amorati are lovers of women, lovers of life, treasure hunters and raconteurs. There are currently members in over 30 different cities.


with Zan Perrion

There is no one more highly regarded in the world today than Zan Perrion when it comes to understanding the rhythms and motions, the ebb and flow, of the feminine mystique.

This is why (without naming names) many of the world’s most renowned dating coaches, relationship gurus, and leaders across the globe have turned to Zan in their time of trouble, when their emotions were running high, and they needed to know precisely what’s happening in her mind.

If you need medication, call a good psychiatrist. If you need therapy, call a good psychologist. If you need coaching “toward excellence,” call a good life coach. But if you need a precision, laser-guided plan of action, tailor-made for your exact situation and brilliantly executed, call Zan Perrion.

by Zan Perrion

The Alabaster Girl

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