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The Way of the Natural DVD Series

A note of caution...

This might not be for you...

First of all, ask yourself what it is you want from women... How do you want to be perceived by them? It's essential to understand where you feel you are today, and where you wish to be tomorrow.

Don't get me wrong; I want you to buy my DVDs. Yes, they will teach you powerful secrets of attracting women - the very things that true lovers of women throughout history have always known...

But without a clear understanding of why this all works and without a sincere desire to learn the mindset of a natural seducer, you can cause a lot of hurt.

In other words, if you don't already have a fundamental appreciation and compassion for women, and are sincerely interested in discovering a new and honest way of interacting with them, this might not be for you.

There is a lot of damage that can be done by using only the surface elements of what I am teaching. ...learn ways of being more compelling and attractive to women... I have a deep understanding of the ways of women and the concepts I describe in these DVDs are very powerful.

Unfortunately, there is a hidden current of misogyny in our dealings with women today. A lot of men mistrust women. Some are searching for ways to gain the upper hand - for tactics and techniques that will afford them some small measure of revenge on women... revenge for the considerable amount of rejection they have felt in their lives.

These men are interested in taking something from women, instead of sharing something with them.

And these DVDs are not for those men...


  • If you are truly interested in learning the secrets of all natural seducers...

  • If you want to learn ways of being more compelling and attractive to women...

  • If you want your interactions with women to be fun, interesting, honest and mutually respectful...

  • If you want women to admire you and follow you for the rest of your life...

  • If this is how you want to order your life...

... then please read on...

I am not a pickup artist; I am a romance artist. I have surrounded myself with women for most of my life; I have sat at their knee, and asked them a thousand questions.

Simply stated, I know what works and what doesn't work.

As an example, could another man take your woman away from you? Ah, probably not... after all, you are most likely a very good husband or boyfriend...

But could he, perhaps, convince her to have a secret affair with him? Well now, that is a very different question...

I am not saying this will surely happen. And I certainly am not suggesting that you have an affair. In fact, it is essential that you understand this: If you learn the secrets of women, but don't have the attendant empathy that all lovers of women have, you can hurt a lot of hearts.

But here's my point: women will always respond to a man who knows how to bring out that passion and delight in them again. They can't help it!

They don't necessarily desire that fantasy life more than their current life. Would they really trade their husband and their much loved children for an alternate life of excitement and passion?

No, but like a prisoner in a cell, with all the basic needs of life and comfort fulfilled, she still looks forward to that one hour of exercise a day, where she might see a bird or a cloud, or a little patch of grass in the tiny little cement yard...

There is a measure of animosity today toward seducers and ladies men. But there is nothing to attack! It is impossible to effectively attack the creature you created, that you desire. Remember, we are not taking something from these women; we are giving them what they need and desire.

"I watched all four of The Way of the Natural DVDs on the weekend...

I have to say up front that I review dozens of books, audio programs, and videos each year, and I’m not easily impressed. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that there’s a lot of junk content out there. However, I was truly delighted with what you had to say when we met... so I was optimistic about your DVDs.

To be completely honest, I thought your DVDs were just amazing. You were so refreshingly honest and authentic, and you filled every segment with strong, compelling, and profound content. By the time I finished the 4th DVD, I was ready to insert a 5th. I watched all of them in a single afternoon...

Nicely done, Zan! "

-- Steve Pavlina
Personal Development for Smart People

Volumes 1-4 - The Way of the Natural DVD Series

Here's just some of what you will learn...

     The Ten Traits of a natural; you either have all of them or none of them

     The things women will always respond to

     Ways to cultivate charisma

     Why looks and money are irrelevant

     How to master the art of conversation

     How to project an aura of confidence

     The type of humor that women find irresistible

     How to erase the notion of rejection from your life forever

     The seven stages of all modern relationships

     A better way to paint your relationships

     Why all of your women will be devoted to you for the rest of your life

     A more enlightened approach to love and to life

     Much, much more...

"I literally cannot describe how The Way of the Natural series has affected me. UNBELIEVABLE! is all I can say...

This has literally changed me over night. Forget the fact that things with women changed overnight - I remembered my mission and adventures of life again. Thank you for speaking exactly what I have felt within me for years...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! This finally awakened within me what none of the self help I have received for years could provide. It was like coming home and finding all of the excitement one had when they were 8 and no internal barriers or sense that something is off."

-- Dan, Toronto

The Way of the Natural DVD Series


The Way of the Natural  


The Way of the Natural - Volumes 1-4


Region Free, NTSC or PAL


There have always been men who are at ease in the land of women. Who are these men, and what sets them apart from you?

In this eye-opening series, you will discover the secrets and traits of these men. Never before described, every man in history who was good with women had all of these traits...


   - Four DVD Set
   - Total running time: 192 minutes


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* Please note: These DVDs are Region Free. They are available in either NTSC or PAL format. NTSC is the format used throughout North America and in some other parts of the world. So before you order, please check which version your DVD player will support!

***Special Offer***


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Presentations Volume 1 - 2 disc DVD set (reg. $44.95)

Presentations Volume 2 - 1 disc DVD set (reg $39.95)

...a total value of over $465!

...FOR ONLY $329.95!! (a savings of $135!)

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Oh, and by the way...
this is my personal guarantee to you:

It is important to me that you are glad you bought this product. I know there are a lot of things you can buy out there that are promising you massive success with women.

My feeling is this: if you are trusting me with your hard earned dollars to describe to you some of the things I have learned about women and relationships and life, then it is my obligation to give you the best value I possibly can.

I really do believe that the ways of a natural can be learned and that it is the secret of attraction and real success with women. In other words, I know that what I am trying to describe works with women, it has always worked with women, and it works very well.

So if you are not absolutely satisfied with this product, you can return it - for any reason whatsoever and hassle free - anytime up to 90 days from the day you purchased it.

I will personally refund your money!

In other words, I will assume all the risk so you can buy with confidence!

Important: This 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee is a special one offered by me personally. If you are unsatisfied with the content of your purchase, please contact our Way of Attraction sales office at You will need to describe the date and details of your order.

Note: Any refunds will exclude shipping and handling charges, taxes, and any local duties or additional fees.

Dear Zan Perrion...

Yesterday I finished watching your DVD series.

Since English is not my first language, understanding everything clearly was not an easy task. I had to use a dictionary and rewind the DVD every few minutes. In the end when I finally finished watching and understanding all the material- it struck me- that this is exactly what I have been looking for, for a very long time. Because English is not my first language, I didn't realize all the great wisdom after watching the first time. So I was very happy of my decision to watch it again with closer attention.

I'm 29 years old, good looking, smart and funny, but although I have all the good characteristics in my favor, I never understood how to truly attract women or make a woman fall in love with me.

I was never a jerk or a liar, and I had no intention of becoming one. I was beginning to think that I would never find "pick up" methods that I could relate to. Then, I received your DVD's in my mail as a present from a family member of mine who lives overseas.

Finally, I realized- here is a man that knows what he is talking about. At last I have found great wisdom that will help me increase my success with women without the need to become a jerk, a liar or a manipulative guy- all the things that are not me.

I realized that when I focus most of my energy on my personal adventure or quest in life, getting this or that girl, doesn't seem the most important thing anymore.

Thank you very much for the incredible DVD's series and keep on the good Work.

All the best,

From Israel
Start designing your life today! You can choose to have a more elegant, a more excellent, and a more enlightened way of interacting with women and moving through this world...

Note: Your complete privacy is assured. Your Email address will NEVER be given, sold or transferred to anyone else. Please enjoy your subscription and feel comfortable that your privacy will be protected!

"Zan ...when I first heard you speak, it was a breath of fresh air and unlike anything I've encountered..

As I listened to you speak, I could sense that you come from a place of integrity for women..."

LP, Montreal
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