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Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be
what we know we could be
-- Emerson

Zan Perrion

I have made an incredible change in the way I relate to my students. It is something I have thought about doing for a long time... and it's a crazy plan! So why do it? Because I'm a Gypsy Pirate, that's why!

It has always bothered me when sincere and committed people are turned away from traditionally priced programs or events simply because they lack enough money. So I have decided to do something different. If you are committed to changing your life, if you are tired of playing games and ready for true and authentic relationships - and yet unable to pay the full price we traditionally ask - I may have a solution for you.

For example, pricing for a weekend seminar usually hovers around $3,000. But is this not just an arbitrary number pulled out of the air? In other words, what is the true value of a weekend seminar? When I think of the seminars I teach, for example, how can I possibly value the lessons I learned in twenty years of talking to women? To me, it is invaluable! To a potential student, however, those lessons might be worth $500 or $10,000.

I have decided that I am no longer the only one who should determine the value of my seminars and events. I want you to decide what the value is for your life. So from now on, the criterion for admission is no longer your ability to pay the full price... it is your commitment to change. This will give you the opportunity to decide what value my teachings have for you, and it will give me the freedom to go wherever I am most invited.

So how can you decide what the value is to you for your life? You can do it through the new pricing model. I call this new way of pricing the Value To You™ model.

It is my hope that this new way of thinking will facilitate our new community of men... the kind of brotherhood of men that we have always dreamed of belonging to, a group of men all over the world who are tired of playing games, who are tired of playing small, who are tired of apologizing for their masculinity, who are committed to change, and have the strength to express themselves honestly through true and authentic connections.

This is my commitment to you...

~ Zan Perrion
February 1, 2009

What is the Value To You™ pricing model?
It is a completely new way of pricing my workshops and seminars. The concept is simple... you pay for the event based on its value to you! There are two payment options for all of my programs - "Full Price" and "Value To You™", and you can choose the one that suits your situation the best.

What is the "Full Price" option?
This is the full for this particular program and is, of course, open for you to select.

What is the "Value To You™" option?
Only you can determine what the value of this program is to your life. This option gives you the opportunity to determine that value. Consider two things: the value you believe this will have for your life (the amount you feel it is worth), and your current financial situation (the amount you can actually pay). Then offer the amount you feel in your heart is right.

For our live events, you simply pay a small deposit to secure your seat. This deposit will be fully refunded upon your attendance. Then at the end of the event, you will be given an opportunity to suggest an amount that more accurately reflects the value this program has had for you!

Not sure? You can always come back to us anytime after the program and adjust what you paid to more accurately reflect the value this program has had for you (see below). And if the amount you enter is higher than the Full Price, then that extra amount will be used to help sponsor other students.

Wait a minute... does this mean I can come for free?
No, it means that, if you are accepted for an amount that is less than the full price, I am helping to pay for your seat myself. It is never free... there is a very real cost for me and my team to come to your city. For example, for The Enlightened Seduction Experience, my team and I travel to your city, pay for our accommodation and the event venue.

Is there a catch?
There is no catch. It makes no sense to me to turn away promising and sincere students simply because they lack the full amount of the funds. This pricing model allows me the flexibility to offer everyone a chance to be a part of the learning - as long as their motives are sincere, and they are willing to commit with an open mind.

If I decide later that the value I received was greater than I anticipated, is there any way to increase my contribution?
Yes, you can add to your contribution through the form below.

Does everyone who applies get accepted?
No. Only the ones who are absolutely sincere in their commitment to show up 100% for the program have a chance of getting accepted. In other words, only the ones who truly recognize the value of the program. I will not accept anyone who just wants to "see what this is all about", or anyone who thinks this is a good opportunity to "hear Zan speak" for cheap. My commitment to you is real, and my only criterion for admission is that you recognize the value of the program and show up with the same level of commitment.

What happens if you don't receive enough funds to pay for the expenses of an event?
If the expenses are not covered, we reserve the right to either continue with the program in that city, or to simply cancel.

Can I sponsor someone?
Yes, this is a great way to help spread the message to others. (see below)

Are the students who get a Value to You™ seat to an event treated any differently than the ones who paid full price?
No. In fact, no one in the room will ever know what another student paid to be there.

Why are you doing this?
Well, because in my mind, it makes no sense to say to someone who wants a better understanding, "You don't have enough money? Sorry, then this is not for you..." It also aligns completely with my philosophy, that's why. I never had instruction of any kind when I was young and trying to understand my way in life, and I just want to give that opportunity to others if I can. And wow, if nothing else, this is enormous fun! It completely suits my Gypsy Pirate sensibilities!

Is this a good business model?
I have no idea.

How long will you be offering this pricing model?
As long as I can!

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If you have found value here,
we welcome your contributions!

Start designing your life today! You can choose to have a more elegant, a more excellent, and a more enlightened way of interacting with women and moving through this world...

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"Zan, your talk was very exquisite and informative...

Your knowledge and experience is nothing short of breathtaking. Thanks for your energy, humor, and passion for life... you definitely were giving more to us than you will ever receive..."

MO, Chicago
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