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The Real Secret of Attraction

Ask yourself... what is the real secret of attraction? Think about that for a second... what makes a man irresistible to women? What is the essence of charm? Why do men like Casanova still fascinate us today? Why do women always gravitate toward certain men - inviting them willingly into their lives, their arms, and their dreams? Is it looks, power, or money?

We have this notion that all men who are successful with women must have something going for them that the average man does not.

Well, that notion is correct...

However, contrary to everything you have been led to believe, it is not looks, power, or money. These are all external elements that we accumulate to ourselves in the hope that they will make us appear more “lovable” to the opposite sex.

Women everywhere know the truth: what is really attractive to them is the way a man chooses to move through life and how he perceives the world around him.

Women are not attracted to men who are good looking... they are attracted to men who are attractive.

Big difference! You don't have to be impressive... you just have to be interesting!

The problem is that too many men today have the viewpoint that it is “us” over here and “them” over there. Women are viewed as some kind of enemy, like a force to be conquered or overcome.

The dating and relationship scene has changed so much that we can’t help but feel we are involved in some kind of an epic struggle or battle.

Men are over here, arrayed on There is a subset of men who move among women with ease... a hill, staring helplessly across an abyss of silence at women over there in their walled and imposing fortress.

There's a subset of men who move among women with ease...

These rare men are those who have acquired  - who have consciously learned - the ability to see women in their natural state, who can see right through their makeup, their walls, their insecurities and their loss.

They see women as they really are.

Women recognize immediately when they are in the presence of a man who likes women, who thinks they are beautiful, who makes them feel lovely, who delights in them.

A man who likes women is liked by women.

They find themselves inexorably drawn to him, proverbial moths to the flame.

Who are these men who are allowed to roam unhindered in the land of women? And what qualities do they possess that compel women to allow them liberties not afforded to other men?

What sets them apart from you? Imagine if you, too, could become one of those rare men that understand the things that women universally respond to.

Here's the fundamental question: Can the art of love be learned? Can we learn to be the kind of man that women respond to? Can we learn ways of being that increase our aura, our charm, our confidence, and our entire attractiveness quotient with women?

...a certain joie de vivre that makes us irresistible to women...

Can we learn to live a life that is purposeful, can we learn to be more compelling, can we learn how to live with a certain joie de vivre that makes us irresistible to women, a man to be admired and desired? In other words, can we actually change?

The answer to all those questions is emphatically “Yes”. I firmly believe that natural skills, seduction skills, can be learned by almost anyone. I have seen quiet, even shy, men become charismatic, compassionate, enlightened seducers and leaders of men.

Remember this always... women are complicit in their own seduction... they want it more than you do...

Every woman wants to be in a love story... The man who understands this is forever surrounded by beauty...

Zan Perrion
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"I literally cannot describe how The Way of the Natural series has affected me. UNBELIEVABLE! is all I can say...

This has literally changed me over night. Forget the fact that things with women changed overnight - I remembered my mission and adventures of life again. Thank you for speaking exactly what I have felt within me for years...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! This finally awakened within me what none of the self help I have received for years could provide. It was like coming home and finding all of the excitement one had when they were 8 and no internal barriers or sense that something is off."

DR, Toronto
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