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A 20-Minute Consultation Call - Free!

That's right... you get a FREE 20-minute call with us. What's the catch? There is no catch... Life Mentoring is a specific process that moves you toward what you want with women and with life. Your Free Consultation will help you to gain clarity and decide what's needed next for you!

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The Ars Amorata Life Mentoring

Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be
what we know we could be
-- Emerson

How many times in the next year will you go out with your friends trying to meet girls?

You know what I mean: you will go out with your friends to a club or a bar and you will all stand with your back to the wall (close to the women's bathroom, of course, because one of your friends swears it's the best place to stand).

And then, once again, like you have so many times before, you will clutch your drink close to your chest, like a shield. And once again you will watch as that endless stream of beautiful, laughing, vibrant women flows by (it never really ends).

And if any of them happen to glance at you, you will just grip your drink a little tighter - your shield - and continue to watch... as the night slowly empties.

And how many times in the next year will you go on dates?

Again, you know what I mean: you will meet a nice girl through a friend, you will ask her out, and if she agrees (surprise!), you will take her to dinner at a restaurant you never, ever frequent.

Then, not knowing what else to do, you will pretend to coolly peruse the wine list (but in reality, you are rapidly scanning through the prices for a bottle that is, oh, about $10 or $15 more than the cheapest one on the list).

And when the food comes, you will try your best to be charming and funny (is it working? ah, you hope so, but you can't really tell).

And then you will take her to see some insipid movie (her choice, of course) about a guy who asks a girl out and he takes her on an amazing, imaginative and unforgettable date (certainly not dinner and a movie).


And when the evening comes to a close (she would really like to stay out with you a little longer, but she has to get up early), you will drop her off at her place. She will turn to you and she will nod politely and say, "Thank you. I had a really nice time." And maybe she will kiss you on the cheek.


Was this date a success? Does she like you?

Does she want you to call her again? Will she go on a second date with you? Should you have invited yourself in? Did she want you to invite yourself in, but you missed the signals?

I have spent the last 30 years immersed in the essence of women, in the company of women, and in the arms of women. I have very few other hobbies. I have been interested in many things over the years, but my one abiding interest, never changing, is the magic of women. My hobby is women.

And what I am good at is inspiring that passion in others. What I am good at is describing to men the things I have learned about women. What I am good at is assisting men to gain a little bit of understanding about the reason why she suddenly said "You're a nice guy, but..."

What I am good at is helping you to become the best possible version of yourself.

There is very little I haven't heard or encountered before. And there is no doubt in my mind that your life and your future and the way women experience you can be changed for good.

Incredible as it may seem, when you don't approach and talk to a girl you are attracted to, you let her down!

It's time for change. Women deserve the real you, fully authentic and unapologetic!

That's what our Life Mentoring Program is all about. It is about being real for once and about connecting. It is about amplifying attraction. It is about the incredible feeling of knowing there is no longer any fear of rejection.

"Zan, I just wanted to write to you to tell you that the coaching session I had with you two months ago was outstanding!"

I have never seen a clearer picture of myself, ever. I feel like, for the first time in my life, I understand the direction I need to take. It's all still new to me, and I am getting new awareness every day (just like you said I would), but wow! I now know exactly how I want my life to be, and more importantly how to get there. Thank you forever!

-- GJ, Paris, France

I write articles, I make videos, I speak in front of large audiences, but nothing, nothing, is as rewarding (or humbling) as trying to help out someone who is sincerely trying to find a better way.

You could say that it's my gift back to women for the incredible experiences they have given me in my life - helping women by helping men.

It's time for change... If you keep doing what you've always done, then you'll keep getting what you've always got.

Zan Perrion

To all those who wish to know more about our Life Mentoring Program, and to those who wish to talk directly to us, we are offering a free 20-minute consultation call.

The free call is perfect for anyone who wants:

    - our perspective on a specific question about seduction

    - to know more about the Ars Amorata philosophy

    - to find out more about who they are, what they really want

    - to know what itís like to live a life full of beauty, adventure, and women

    - our perspective on making a fundamental change in their life

    - to share their current situation with absolute confidentiality

Jordan Luke Collier
Executive Head Coach

The Ars Amorata Life Mentoring

Our Life Mentoring Program is far more than an occasional phone call. This program will give you all the tools you need to succeed for the rest of your life...
Ars Amorata Life Mentoring: TeleCoaching


   Free initial 20-minute consultation call - yes, FREE!

   Fully customized to fit your busy schedule

   Time zones are not a problem

   Emails, goals and assignments throughout

   Individually tailored to your specific challenges

   We will hold you to your commitments

   Absolute confidentiality


The Ars Amorata Life Mentoring program is a fully contained program, requiring commitment, attention, and accountability from you.

The program is up to three months long. However, you may elect to continue for only one month, or even one call. It is even possible that the free consultation is enough for your specific situation. We will recommend the program we think is best for you, whether that be to continue with our Head Coach, or to consult personally with Hans Comyn or Zan Perrion. As the client, you decide, and you can stop or adjust the mentoring program at any time.

Your Life Mentoring will start with a Free 20-minute call with Jordan Luke Collier. This free consultation is a unique personal mentoring experience, where you'll have the chance to briefly explore your unique situation, ask your most pressing questions, and receive individualized personal feedback.

After this call, we will assess together if you are ready for more Life Mentoring. We will design a specific program, tailored to your needs and situation.

Throughout the program, we will co-create your objectives and assignments. At the end of the time period you have chosen, you will be given a complete summary and specific recommendations for furthering your quest for life-long excellence.


Contact us through the form below for pricing

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(We will never disclose your contact information to anyone ever!)

Start designing your life today! You can choose to have a more elegant, a more excellent, and a more enlightened way of interacting with women and moving through this world...

Note: Your complete privacy is assured. Your Email address will NEVER be given, sold or transferred to anyone else. Please enjoy your subscription and feel comfortable that your privacy will be protected!

"Your attitude! It's great!

I have always wanted to be this way and I realised that it didn't work (I was kinda lost in the self help, although i have gained much more from it) but now it's great. I have such a congruency with your work, wow, it's enormous.

I could write much more about you and your products but i will only write this: Thank you Zan, it's good to have you here; Thank You. I have a feeling that you have changed my life... for better. Thank You for sticking around on Earth!"

WK, Krakow
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