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Jordan is by education a philosopher and by trade and profession a coach, having previously worked with organisations such as the UK Police, global consultancy McKinsey and Amazon Gold: a real life treasure hunting organisation.

As a trainer, Jordan has taught modern psychotherapeutic techniques to professional coaches in the UK, Spain and Brazil. With this background, Jordan's speciality in the Ars Amorata team is the psychological: he places the utmost care and attention to his clients, encouraging new behaviours and beliefs that are aligned with their authentic selves and desires.

Jordan's first encounter with the Ars Amorata was on the sunny beaches of Rio de Janeiro. He quickly assimilated the learnings, overcoming the games and secrets he'd encountered in his relationships through the years, creating incredible connections with incredible women in the process. Jordan is a living, breathing advocate for the power of the Ars Amorata message of authenticity and showing up.

Having traveled in over 45 countries and having lived in Argentina, Brazil and Spain before the age of 30, Jordan was a natural gypsy long before joining the Ars Amorata team. At Ars Amorata, Jordan is dedicated to helping Hans create a solid learning community of men on a path to excellence with women, and has taken the responsibility of running the 90-day Online Transformation Program. He also speaks and coaches in Spanish and Portuguese, and leads Way of Approaching workshops throughout the world.

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"I would like to express my gratitude for you after our coaching session. The clarity I was left with both in my personal life, Identity and purpose was absolutely extraordinary. Thank you!"
-- JL, Oslo

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"Zan, your talk was very exquisite and informative...

Your knowledge and experience is nothing short of breathtaking. Thanks for your energy, humor, and passion for life... you definitely were giving more to us than you will ever receive..."

MO, Chicago
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