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The Casa Amorata Experience

Join us for the experience of a lifetime!

M any years ago, I decided to "let slip the surly bonds of earth" to become, for the most part homefree. I gave all of my possessions away those long days ago, erasing everything from my life that might hold me back in any way. And to this day, I still don't have so much as a pillow or a towel. In essence, I moved away then from everything that we usually consider to be safe and secure in this world: home and hearth.

Why did I do this? Because I decided to devote my life to the idea of creating the very best memories possible - both for me and for those around me. And it has been a magical time... I have traveled non-stop all over the world, accepted all invitations, and I have danced with angels on this earth.

My whole being ...a place on earth filled with beauty, devoted to art, music, philosophy, and the creation and exploration of incredible ideas...has been caught up in this exhilaration of adventure, of living in the wind, and of accepting all invitations. Stretched out before me as far as I can see is a vista, a horizon, something that calls me away, something that has ever been stronger than my longing to stay. This has been my life and my joy, and continues today unabated.

And... at the same time, I have been dreaming about a different kind of home, a place somewhere on earth that is filled with beauty, devoted to art, music, philosophy, and the creation and exploration of incredible ideas... a space where like-minded people can come together to express themselves authentically and make true connections.

A place naturally called Casa Amorata.

My idea was that it would be full of ideas and creativity... it would be a home for artists and thinkers, writers and painters... everything would be provided for - food and wine and salsa dancing. Women of beauty (the transcendent kind of beauty) would be a very large part of filling Casa Amorata with life and love.

I have scouted for locations all over the globe. Berlin, Oslo, Bucharest, Split, Medellin, London, Barcelona, Sofia, Amsterdam, Panama City, Austin, Monterrey, Warsaw, and Montreal. ...a gypsy caravan, a moveable feast, a safe haven for wayward girls and urban gypsies of all kinds... All of these cities have a special draw to me, cities of life, of music and festivals, vitality and quintessential female energy everywhere, flowing from the balconies, bars, coffeeshops and terraces, and into the streets.

Years ago, Montreal provided the perfect soil on which we founded the first ever Casa Amorata. Once only a dream, a vision, and in Montreal, it became very real. Since then, Casa Amorata has been located in Austin, Las Vegas, London, Panama, Bucharest, and Montreal again.

Casa Amorata was created from scratch with only our minds and hearts. And right from the beginning, it has been exactly what I imagined... The Casa Amorata has been filled with luminous and inspiring men and women. And it only gets better and better.

And yet, the Casa Amorata is not bounded at all by a mere location. Casa Amorata is more of a concept than a place, a gypsy caravan, a moveable feast, a safe haven for wayward girls and urban gypsies of all kinds... "a place for hipsters, rockers, fashion victims and today's downtown demimonde..."

And though we freely invite men of sincerity who are lovers of life and women who are feminine, affectionate, generous, inspiring and who make us laugh (in Casa Amorata we meet and misbehave with unabashed enthusiasm!), it is more than just a an excellent place to spend time... it is completely designed around the concept of increasing our learning and making the world a better place.

There are four Agreements of Casa Amorata that everyone must live by to keep the space sacred and aligned with our vision:

     1) Ease and Delight
     2) Beauty and Order
     3) Curiosity and Empathy
     4) Invitations Only

Casa Amorata is a gypsy caravan and it moves with us. It is a space we create wherever we go, where people we love are invited to express themselves authentically and fully. We create a space, and they fill it up with their ideas, their inspiration, their energy, their art ... a space to which ephemera of all kinds are brought and celebrated. Then we break camp, pack our single suitcase, and move on to the next location.

All we leave and are left with are the most excellent of memories...

~ Zan Perrion

The Casa Amorata Experience goes way beyond the usual seminars and events. Since Casa Amorata opened its doors, it has been filled with a wondrous sense of energy and enthusiasm...

...and now you can be part of it too!

This is a rare chance to work personally with Zan Perrion by taking part in The Casa Amorata Experience!

If you are committed to more excellence and are ready to take your life to the next level - we're talking about women and relationships, but also all the other aspects of your life - you will have the chance to join Zan and his special guests at The Casa Amorata for the experience of a lifetime. The program is designed to help you completely maximize your attractive traits, to take your life to the next level, and to finally be on your way to achieving your most passionately held goals.

We call it an Experience for a reason, and if you relate to Zan Perrion's philosophy, this is your chance to We call it an Experience for a reason, and if you relate to Zan's philosophy, this is your chance to experience it first hand... experience it first hand. As one of the members of the Amorati recently said: "I knew and had studied every word Zan has ever written and spoken, but it was only when I met him and spent that time with him that it all clicked and I really, really understood it for the first time."

There will be an intense amount of theoretical and practical training during your stay at Casa Amorata, but this is first and foremost an experience - you're going to be making major shifts in your world view. If you are selected to come and spend some time with us at Casa Amorata, you will be invited to bring your personal challenges, goals and aspirations to the table and we will hold you to your commitments.

For those who want to learn more about the spirit of invitation and celebration of life, this is an UNPRECEDENTED level of access to Zan and his world.

Your experience at the Casa Amorata will unfold day by day. A few things we can tell you: It goes way beyond the usual structured seminars and events... Every day is carefully Take your life to the next level, and finally be on your way to achieving your most passionately held goals... structured to maximize your learning, with micro-managed experiences, intense personal coaching, along with practical in-field application... The evenings are full of fun and will allow you to experience completely the spirit of invitation and the celebration of life...

The Casa Amorata Experience is a structured event that begins on Wednesday evening and continues until Sunday evening.

Casa Amorata is always open for the right people. But it is not for everyone. The Experience is by application only, and the screening process is absolutely strict. It is not for everyone!

If you wish to be considered for a place in the Casa Amorata Experience, then sign up below. We will contact you immediately.

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Note: These events are fully immersive. Your commitment is from Thursday evening to Sunday evening

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"Your attitude! It's great!

I have always wanted to be this way and I realised that it didn't work (I was kinda lost in the self help, although i have gained much more from it) but now it's great. I have such a congruency with your work, wow, it's enormous.

I could write much more about you and your products but i will only write this: Thank you Zan, it's good to have you here; Thank You. I have a feeling that you have changed my life... for better. Thank You for sticking around on Earth!"

WK, Krakow
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