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The Way of the Amorati
90-Day Challenge!

To finish a picture? What nonsense!
-- Picasso

Next Class starts January 2018

We have taken the very best elements of all of our programs - the weekend seminars, the telecoaching, the personal one-on-one mentoring, and the presentations - and rolled them all into one.

This program is called the Way of the Amorati - 90-Day Challenge.

As I have been saying for a long time: It's time for change. If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always got. This is a fundamental truth about life.

You see, most men I meet are too busy struggling with their personal belief system to ever have the time or ability to live a life of ease and abundance in the company of women. It is about the incredible feeling of knowing there is no longer any fear of rejection...

So this is what the Way of the Amorati - 90-Day Challenge is all about. It is about being real for once and about connecting. It is about amplifying attraction. It is about the incredible feeling of knowing there is no longer any fear of rejection.

If you are tired of playing games, if you want to learn the concepts and mindset that make a man truly attractive, with amazing practical ways to put those concepts into practice immediately, if you are ready for true and authentic relationships, then he Way of the Amorati - 90-Day Challenge is for you.

If you are committed to making true lasting change in your life, to becoming a man with purpose who creates attraction everywhere he goes, who is curious about women, who loves women, and who is loved by women, the Way of the Amorati - 90-Day Challenge is for you.

I am proud of this program... it is the one I have always dreamed of creating. Since its debut in both Europe and North America, it is has been incredibly well received. It combines the amazing learning potential of an online program with a thematic, gradual unfolding... and adds in a wealth of other features.

I am convinced it is the best program ever created for helping you make the changes in your life that you desire.

See what others are saying here!

~ Zan Perrion

The Way of The Amorati 90-Day Challenge takes a different approach to dating and relationships!

Ars Amorata

The Amorati

The men who finish the Way of the Amorati - 90-Day Challenge are invited to join the ranks of the Amorati. These are the men who have chosen to move through the world in a different way than other men. They are men who pause, who celebrate women, who design their life instead of reacting, who move through this world deliberately, with purpose, strength, with true ease and delight.

It's time for change... If you keep doing what you've always done, you'll keep getting what you've always got!They are men who love women and who are loved by women. They are men who are incredibly attractive to women.

This is the ultimate goal... the creation of a brotherhood of men who "get it". These are the Amorati, no longer needing manipulation or playing games, men who are ready for true and authentic relationships with women.

Is this you? Are you ready to learn how to discover and create beauty again? Do you have the belief that adventure, treasure, and creating the best memories you can are the only things worth living for? Are you ready to belong to this brotherhood of men? We are already making it happen. Are you ready to join us? Are you committed to change?

Do you have what it takes to become an Amorati?

Learn more about the Amorati here...

~ Hans Comyn

The Details...

The Way of the Amorati - 90-Day Challenge is about creating a space for men to be themselves, to express themselves honestly and to make true and authentic connections with women. It's about creating a space for men who are ready for lasting change, who know what they want but are not sure how to find it, and who desire to move through life without apology.

Imagine making this choice for change! Imagine taking your future into your own hands, and moving towards the life you've always dreamed of living - without apology, hesitation or anxiety!

90 days is all it takes to make that lasting change, to change everything about your life forever, and we are with you every step of the way.

But what does this all mean? What will you get? And what will you be expected to do? It’s quite simple really. Here’s just some of what the program entails:

  • Exclusive Private Social Platform
    Presented on the Ars Amorata Academy platform, the information is presented to you in a timely and convenient manner, and allows for a highly immersive experience. The discussion and learning grows as we share our thoughts, ideas, links, stories, issues, concerns, and advice.

  • Themes and Missions Throughout
    This is how we lock in the learning. Each week's theme builds on the learning from the previous week, and the weekly missions are designed to teach you about the theme by doing. The missions are not time-intensive at all, but they are stimulating and designed to take you out of your comfort zone.

  • A Natural Progression from Theory to Practicality
    The program progresses from theoretical concepts like our belief systems near the beginning to more practical concepts like eye contact, body language, etc, toward the end.

  • Absolute confidentiality
    This is assured. Anything that is shared with our team will be protected, and we will never give out any personal information to anyone. This allows you to feel comfortable in giving 100% to the program.

There you have it! A program that contains all the benefits of learning in a small group with the convenience of access from anywhere in the world.

The result is a comprehensive and in-depth examination of your role in this world, an analysis that is designed to change your concepts of women and life forever.

You will learn more about yourself, and the way women experience you, than from anything else you could possibly do in three months.

Along with the concepts and mindset that make a man truly attractive, you will also learn amazing practical ways to put it all into action immediately!

If you want to make this true, lasting change in your life, then this program is designed to show you precisely how to do that.

If you are truly committed to change, then apply to join the the Way of the Amorati - 90-Day Challenge. If you are committed to making a change, once and for all, we and the other Amorati from around the world will be happy to welcome you.

Wow! This is the best product/course out there...

I received so much more value from this than I expected. This should be the standard that all other courses and programs should take as the benchmark.

You will not be babysitted. You have to put as much into the course as the mentors and teachers but if you do, if you're ready to really take hold of this part of your life, you are in for a treat.

A word of caution though. If you are someone who likes to moan and whinge. If you are someone who wants a magic pill and hopes this will fix them without doing any work then this course is not for you. In fact no course will help you. I would advise putting aside 1/2 hour each day if you can as a guide to spend on this for 90 days. Some things will make more sense than others but trust in the process. It will so be worth it when you come to the end. Because you spend 90 days on this and it's not something that you just read or watch over the space of a few days the learning really does sink in. This is about creating new habits and boy are they good habits.

Seriously, take the course. It's a bargain. I dare you.

Birmingham, UK

the Way of the Amorati - 90-Day Challenge... Amazing!

For me, this is not a “pick-up girls program”, but rather changing my way of life. And I have just begun, as I now see the rest of my life will be an incredible never ending journey.

When I meet new women these days, I am like a kid in a candy store. I am curious about her, and amazed by what she has to say. Not like before when I was acting tough and cool and tried to impress her, I don`t need to be that guy anymore. I am honest and genuine, and women open themselves up to me like they have never done before. Communicating with women is now really fun, and for seeing that, I will be forever grateful.

It is not any longer about “getting” the girl. It is about the two of us getting to know each other and having lots of fun on the way. I never have an agenda with girls I meet anymore. The difference is huge and I promise you she will sense it!

Zan and Hans are two genuinely committed guys, I`ll tell you that, and their teachings are something completely new and different from anything else I have experienced. They are so good because they obviously love what they do.

The program is something one must commit to do. The amazing learning experience you will go through, doesn’t happen automatically. You get out what you put in. Be open, and incredible things will happen.

The journey has just begun!

Oslo, Norway

Zan, I'm grateful to you...

From the very first split second of that first day in Brussels, I have experienced that this man has some special gift in the art of communication with women, men and people in general. It is amazing about Zan’s ability to use this rare gift to express very profound concepts about women, men and life in general. All in a very natural, simple and practical way to our diverse Brussels’s group.

Zan was already able to challenge me to understand what really is important for me in life and relationships and to explore this more every single day of the program. Every day, my vision about life and relationships is growing.

It is a very special feeling to be able to see this vision, to be able to look at my own fears and to search for the courage to deal with them without hiding them.

Antwerp, Belgium

I would describe the Way of the Amorati - 90-Day Challenge as a transformative experience...

One of my goals in joining was to be able to reliably reach a state where I consistently engage the world with fun, especially beautiful women. I want to walk through my life with this as my default state, even at times when I'm very busy with work, so that life will always be a fun adventure.

The program has taken me very far in this direction - I'm basically there already. I could hardly be more delighted with the results.

I'm convinced this program has absolutely transformed my life for the better. I'm sure not only that the changes will persist, but that I will keep on changing in this direction, and that is a very exciting perspective!

Heidelberg, Germany

I am very happy I joined this course...

It is very fundamental in its approach and ideas and very much focused on the process of personal change over time.

Most people who have been in the community know that integrating new ideas is the hard part, and this course is aimed at exactly that. After meeting Zan and Hans I feel that the trick to get natural game going for you is very much stripping things down instead of adding information.

So there is no confusion anymore. Honesty is the strategy. The effort is freed to be put into being aware and observing yourself so that you can become who you should be.

There is a great community of fellow students inspiring each other. The success of your fellow man means your own prosperity. I am very excited about the course of my life.

Berlin, Germany

What's in a name?

So how did I come up with the name The Ars Amorata? Here's the story...

The Ars Amatoria (Latin: 'Art of Love') is a poem in three books by the Roman poet Ovid (written around 1 BC). It describes “how and where to find girls (and husbands) in Rome, how to seduce them, and how to prevent others from stealing them.” (source: Wikipedia).

Ah, it's true what they say: there's nothing new under the sun!

Well, years ago, a reporter who interviewed me misquoted me when I mentioned this work by Ovid. In her subsequent article, she wrote something to the effect that "Zan Perrion is an avid student of history, citing among his influences the memoirs of Casanova and The Ars Amorata (Art of Love) by Ovid.”.

Notice how she misspelled “Amatoria” as “Amorata”.

I liked this nonsense word! It's kind of a cross between the proper spelling of the Latin word "amatoria" and the Italian word "inamorata" and of course the French word "amour". So ever since then, I've used this phrase to describe the things I am teaching. In fact, it was on my early business cards, and still is on my website. Even if it is a made up phrase, anyone can instantly deduce what "Ars Amorata" means.

Thus the name:
The Ars Amorata!

We are updating the Ars Amorata Academy platform to Version 2. We will charge $699 when it is officially launched, but if you sign up now, we'll extend you a special discount price of only $499! Apply today to take advantage of this incredible discount.

Yes! I want to participate in:
the Way of the Amorati - 90-Day Challenge

for the special discount price of only

I commit that I will...
Actively participate in the discussions

Do the missions

Do my best to contribute to the overall group experience throughout the 90 days

And That's Not All...

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Start designing your life today! You can choose to have a more elegant, a more excellent, and a more enlightened way of interacting with women and moving through this world...

Note: Your complete privacy is assured. Your Email address will NEVER be given, sold or transferred to anyone else. Please enjoy your subscription and feel comfortable that your privacy will be protected!

"Zan has one of the most amazing philosophies on life I have ever heard...

He spends his time moving towards beauty and away from things that are not beautiful. I hung out with the guy for only 3 days, but I am secure enough in my masculinity to say that if I was a woman, I'd have been all over him. Probably the coolest guy in the community..."

MK, Los Angeles
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